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I'm Gertjan, freelance Digital Consultant and UX designer. You can check some of the projects I did or you might like to get in touch!

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Digital Consultant

As digital consultant I mainly worked as product owner as well as business- and functional analyst. You can find an award-winning example of my work on Google Play

Product Owner

Product owner
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For Delhaize Group I have built several e-commerce apps…


For Delhaize Group I have built several e-commerce apps such as AB Click2Shop. For Ausy, a French IT and engineering company, I was responsible for the roll-out of an internal ERP system across Europe. For Ahold-Delhaize I’m currently the Lead Product Owner Mobile Apps for 4 existing and 1 new app(s).

As Certified Scrum Product Owner I’m responsible for determining the requirements, converting these into an action plan and convey the vision to the scrum team. By sequencing activities in the backlog I ensure that requirements meet the ‘Definition of Ready’ (user story, acceptance criteria, test cases, …) before moving into development.

Business- and Functional Analyst

Business Analysis - Functional Analysis - Marketing - Design thining - UX - BA - FA
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I worked as business and functional analyst for various…


I worked as business and functional analyst for various projects such as the design and build project of a new e-commerce app, different website-projects such as, a redesign of existing mobile apps, and others.


As business analyst I work closely together with stakeholders to identify and define business needs, make recommendations and set clear business goals needed to determine the ROI of certain marketing and design decisions.

Through functional analysis I apply modern techniques such as user journey mapping, user story engineering, use cases and data flow diagramming.

Project Manager

Project Manager - project Management Managing cost and quality  Managing team members  Managing risk  Reporting
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As certified Prince 2 project manager I worked on Ahold-…


As certified Prince 2 project manager I worked on Ahold-Delhaize’s mobile app in 2015 and was responsible for various go-lives. At Ausy I was in charge of the go-live of an internal ERP system.

When doing these projects I strongly emphasized agile project management practices. Traditional project managers usually take on a great deal of responsibilities: managing scope, cost, quality, personnel, communication, risk, procurement and so on. In agile project management however these responsibilities are shared among different roles within the team (product owner, scrum master and other team members). Nevertheless the PM should maintain the global overview and bear the final responsibility.


UX Designer

In UX, I worked as a designer for usability and UX. I have created engaging customer journeys as well as interfaces such as a child care application for the Stad Kortrijk

Usability- & UX Designer

UX designer
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As Certified Usability- and UX Designer I co-worked on…


As Certified Usability- and UX Designer I co-worked on various projects such as a troubleshooting website, a child care application, some European-based e-commerce app projects and a new e-commerce app of a leading retailer in Belgium. I have experience in Apple’s Human interface Design, Google’s Material Design and, as well as standard web design.

I’m skilled in different core UX domains such as user research, interaction design, wireframing, information architecture design, usability testing,… I love to build simple and predictable journeys and interfaces in which I integrate recognised design patterns in addition to new UI/UX trends.

Website Auditor

Usability expert
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I created a unique methodology to audit websites. Based on…


I created a unique methodology to audit websites. Based on a number of criteria, the framework helps companies identify core design problems and presents the company with a score (on 100).

The main idea of  this methodology is to apply the 4 focal points of design (presentation, navigation, content and interaction) on a number of top-priority web pages (home, search results, content page, checkout flow,…). By focussing on these uniform standards users are able to identify the issues per page and are presented with detailed information about why the design is not meeting user’s expectations.



Gertjan is a person who has great skills and profound expertise of modern business solutions. He is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable of adapting to new working environments. For Gertjan the job is definitely the most important thing to do. He denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for both his personal & professional development. I definitely would recommend him as team member.

Bob Letens
Bob Letens

Gertjan was a fantastic colleague during the time we worked together. He is enthusiastic, proactive, capable, and has great communication skills. When I met Gertjan, he was replacing a much senior team member, but he stepped right up and handled his new role perfectly.

Steve De Smet
Steve De Smet

I worked with Gertjan during my time at Ahold Delhaize. Gertjan is an enthusiastic goal-getter with deep knowledge of agile processes, UX and digital technology in general. 

He has a great vision on how digital products should look, feel and behave. Given all this, it was really nice to have him as a PO/PM in our team.

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